The Argument for a Beach Volleyball Club at AIS

By: Anna Pruess It is a widely known fact that sports and other forms of physical activity have a positive effect on both the physical and the mental health of people of all ages, including teenagers.  At AIS Vienna, sports teams such as basketball, volleyball, track and field, cross country, baseball, softball, swimming, tennis, and … Continue reading The Argument for a Beach Volleyball Club at AIS

How the Ukraine Crisis Has Affected AIS

By: Esha Banerjee Just a few months ago, Russia launched a full-scale invasion against Ukraine, spurring one of the largest European wars since World War II. This conflict has shocked the world- more than three million refugees have left the country, and thousands have been killed in the crossfire. Europe is primarily dealing with the … Continue reading How the Ukraine Crisis Has Affected AIS

Innovations Combating Climate Change

Author: Nicole Reed Floating Solar Panels Large solar panel installations are difficult to build on uneven terrain and in urban areas. Floating solar panel installations on hydroelectric dams utilize the unused water surface near hydropower. By building the installations near hydropower it minimally disrupts aquatic environments and the hydropower can subsidize the solar panels. Globally … Continue reading Innovations Combating Climate Change

Evgeny’s Food Reviews December 2021

Author: Evgeny Stolyarov Question: Where in Vienna do you find the most rainbow flags per square meter? Answer: Spittelberg If you’ve never heard of Spittelberg, Spittelberg is Vienna’s fun and quirky neighborhood. Do you need Japanese stationery? Spittelberg has a shop for that. Do you want a local art show about the intersection of race … Continue reading Evgeny’s Food Reviews December 2021

TKC: Take out edition

You know, there's more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series –– Take-Out Edition Of the over 8,000 restaurants and cafés in Vienna, many may be shutting down due to the numerous lockdowns. What can you do to aid the situation? Buy take-out! But, as you know, not all take-out is created equal. Finally, … Continue reading TKC: Take out edition

Founder of IB Tutor Austria

The Tutor Austria service, staffed by recent graduates of the IB Programme - including alumni of AIS - is a tutoring service that aims to assist international Austrian students. In an exclusive interview with Robin Morgan, co-founder, he delves further into the service, and how it specifically caters to the unique needs of an IB … Continue reading Founder of IB Tutor Austria

Wandavision Marvels the Screen

The widespread success and critical acclaim of WandaVision, Marvel’s first Disney+ show to grace our television screens, was by no means beginner’s luck. By: Alex Kennedy Officially announced in April of 2019 and released on January 15 of this year, this nine-episode limited series has left this reporter enamored and longing for more.  Following the … Continue reading Wandavision Marvels the Screen