Innovations Combating Climate Change

Author: Nicole Reed Floating Solar Panels Large solar panel installations are difficult to build on uneven terrain and in urban areas. Floating solar panel installations on hydroelectric dams utilize the unused water surface near hydropower. By building the installations near hydropower it minimally disrupts aquatic environments and the hydropower can subsidize the solar panels. Globally … Continue reading Innovations Combating Climate Change

The Science of Quarantine Hobbies

Well, here we are again… another few weeks under a quarantine that stretches on unpredictably into the future. If you’re like me, being forced to spend so much time at home has put you into a state of such boredom that you’ve kind of realized how it feels to be a goldfish: swimming around in … Continue reading The Science of Quarantine Hobbies

Vienna International Science & Engineering Fair

The annual Vienna International Science and Engineering Fair is an opportunity for students around the world to participate in science and consider STEM for their futures. Nicole Reed The fair was organized in partnership with the Vienna Chapter of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, Women in Nuclear, and the United Nations Nuclear Young Generation. … Continue reading Vienna International Science & Engineering Fair

Why We Humans Should Colonize Mars!

SpaceX aims to create a city on Mars. Image: © SpaceX By Laurin Gschwenter February 10, 2020 Numerous people question, "Why exactly Mars? What about other planets in the solar system?" Our choices are limited to becoming a multi-planetary race within our solar system. Other than Earth, all of the planets in the solar system, … Continue reading Why We Humans Should Colonize Mars!

Spreading Like Wildfire: The Impact of Australia’s Bushfires on New Zealand

The catastrophic bushfires in Australia have made the news almost every day for the past month. By Katharina Schneebauer  January 30, 2020 However, there have been many impacts in neighboring New Zealand that have not been reported. As the threat of the bushfires and overall climate change rears over Australia, there are many issues facing … Continue reading Spreading Like Wildfire: The Impact of Australia’s Bushfires on New Zealand

California Confirms a Fourth Case of the New Deadly Coronavirus

Health workers check the temperature of a person in Beijing, China By Angela Song February 3, 2020 The health officials in California confirmed the fourth case of coronavirus in Los Angeles on January 26, 2020. The person diagnosed with the virus was a returning traveler from Wuhan, China who carried the virus with him to … Continue reading California Confirms a Fourth Case of the New Deadly Coronavirus

Growing Gentrification in the Neighborhoods of New York

Citizens march through downtown Brooklyn in protest against gentrification on the 21st of September, 2019. By Paul Frangipane. 29 January 2020, by Delaney Jones Gentrification is a growing problem worldwide, especially in New York over the last five years. Developers force low income citizens out of their houses to make way for more expensive housing, … Continue reading Growing Gentrification in the Neighborhoods of New York