Evgeny’s Food Reviews December 2021

Author: Evgeny Stolyarov Question: Where in Vienna do you find the most rainbow flags per square meter? Answer: Spittelberg If you’ve never heard of Spittelberg, Spittelberg is Vienna’s fun and quirky neighborhood. Do you need Japanese stationery? Spittelberg has a shop for that. Do you want a local art show about the intersection of race … Continue reading Evgeny’s Food Reviews December 2021

Food Review: Ballroom

The Question Is: Do You Have the Balls? By Evgeny Of the over 8,000 restaurants and cafés in Vienna, you might be familiar with many at Schottentor: the go-to meeting location in Vienna. Schottentor has a harrowing collection of places to eat but many are hidden in the little Gäßchens around Schottentor. Some are good, … Continue reading Food Review: Ballroom

Food Review, El Penacho

Finally authentic Mexican in Vienna El Penacho Währinger Str. 154, 1180 Cuisine: Mexican (Tacos more specifically) Quirky Feature: A ton of Mexican softdrinks El Penacho’s claim is that “no place in Vienna takes tacos seriously” but they “take tacos seriously”. If you moved to Vienna from the States, Mexico, or Central America, you might have … Continue reading Food Review, El Penacho

Food Review: Der Wiener Deewan

You know, there's more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series By Evgeny Stolyarov There are almost 8,000 restaurants and cafés in Vienna, and whilst we all have our favorites, trying something new can be daunting. That’s why we often limit ourselves to the same couple of places; places like Fabios, Joma, Dots, and … Continue reading Food Review: Der Wiener Deewan