From Lukov With Love – Book Review

By Sophie Bono

Are you looking for a sports, friends-to-enemies-to-partners-to-lovers contemporary fiction novel? If your answer to that question is “oh yes” then the 2018 novel From Lukov With Love is for you. From Lukov With Love is a contemporary romance novel written by Marianna Zapata,  well known for her sports romance novels, such as The Wall of Winnipeg, and Kulti. The novel follows Jasmine and Ivan, two professional figure skaters. Ivan has skated in the Olympics and is considered to be the best figure skater, and Jasmine is striving to make it to the Olympics but is hindered by her constant injuries and struggles. However when the two are forced to become partners, Jasmine’s dreams of skating at the Olympics suddenly become tangible. 

I read this book in February of 2022, and loved it, even reading it in one sitting. The relationship that forms between Jasmine and Ivan is so beautiful and pure, I loved it so much, and I truly enjoyed reading about it and watching their relationship unfold. If you do not believe me about the beauty of this story, listen to this: I cried when reading the ending. Not because it was tragic but because it was a perfect conclusion to both the book and the relationship.

 I am not one to usually highlight books, even though I read this on the books app on my computer, but I highlighted this one like crazy. There were so many pure and beautiful moments between the two that had me smiling like an idiot while I enjoyed them. I loved the relationship, I loved the characters, I loved the sports aspect of the book, I loved the quotes in this book, and I loved the fact that I couldn’t put it down. It was truly an enjoyable read for me, and I would without a doubt reward it 5 out of 5 stars.

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