It Ends With Us Review

By: Sophie Bono

It Ends With Us  is a standalone written by the contemporary romance author, Colleen Hoover. She is known for her other romance books, Ugly Love, Verity, November 9th and much more. It Ends With Us  follows the story of Lily Bloom experiencing her current relationship in present tense, and rereading letters she wrote from her past relationship, which she experienced in high school. Through the novel, we, as the readers, experience both Lily’s past and present as they eventually come together to meet to both start and end relationships. . 

The book itself is one of the most popular books currently. Although it was published in 2016, Tik Tok and Instagram have popularized it in 2021. When I checked it out of the school library, I knew nothing, which I would recommend because it makes the experience of reading the book more real and enjoyable. However that said, I would check the trigger warnings. One trigger warning would be domestic violence. Despite that, It Ends With Us  is an excellent novel. Before reading it, I had never experienced both genuine heartbreak and pride for a character. This book is an emotional one, but it is one you will not be able to put down. The characters, the relationships, the storylines, both past and present, the plot twists, every factor of this book is addicting. I reacted alongside the characters, whether it was laughter, gasping with shock, or even arguing with or against a character. This book is so engaging, I couldn’t help it. It Ends With Us  is a rollercoaster, but every bit of it is enjoyable. So if you enjoy romance, with  a bit of comedy, and you have read the trigger warnings, then this is a book you will enjoy. 
I gave It Ends With Us  5/5 stars, because of the power which the characters exerted over me when reading it. The power of feeling hurt but proud at once. The power you will feel if or when you read it.

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