Evgeny’s Food Reviews December 2021

Author: Evgeny Stolyarov

Question: Where in Vienna do you find the most rainbow flags per square meter?

Answer: Spittelberg

If you’ve never heard of Spittelberg, Spittelberg is Vienna’s fun and quirky neighborhood. Do you need Japanese stationery? Spittelberg has a shop for that. Do you want a local art show about the intersection of race and religion? Spittelberg has an art gallery for that. What about a restaurant serving Vienna’s best pizza? Yep, Spittelberg also has that (more on that pizza place in a future article). So, let’s explore the culinary aspect of Spittelberg in this edition of “You know, there’s more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series”

Mari’s MetchaMatcha

Neustiftgasse 7, 1070 

Cuisine: Japanese

Quirky Feature: Matcha everything AND snacks to-go for later

Do you want to walk in a room, look around, and just feel at home? Mari’s MetchaMatcha has tried very hard to make you feel exactly that. From the low lamps and tall chairs to the Japanese decorations on the walls, it is very difficult not to fall in love with the interior design. Does it stop there? Oh no, there is a cute garden hidden away from the busy streets of MQ where you can enjoy all the matcha you’ve ever craved. That’s right, don’t forget, matcha is in the name and if you like matcha, you’re in for a ride. Matcha appetizers, matcha main dishes, matcha desserts, and matcha drinks are all on the menu. But if you’re like me and that sounds like too much matcha, worry not, for the rest of the menu contains Japanese delicacies like ramen, udon, onigiri, and traditional bento boxes. Home-cooked from organic local vegetables, you will love the food.

Vegetarians/Vegans: Fear not, for the vegetable fairy has visited the menu

English: It depends? Some waiters speak English very well, others don’t

Brunch or Lunch: This is definitely a lunch or dinner place, not for brunch

Cute Insta Story: Yep! The interior design is on point for boomerangs of ramen and matcha tea

Friendliness: like in all Spittelberg establishments, expect warmth and kindness 

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