TKC: Take out edition

You know, there’s more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series –– Take-Out Edition

Of the over 8,000 restaurants and cafés in Vienna, many may be shutting down due to the numerous lockdowns. What can you do to aid the situation? Buy take-out! But, as you know, not all take-out is created equal. Finally, take-out is an excellent opportunity to try new places out — there’s no German waiter to worry about, no intrusive bathroom thoughts to bother you, and the interior is as cute as you want to make it. So, without further ado, here is our first “You know, there’s more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series” take-out edition.


Good Indian food is hard to come by in Vienna and I know this because I’m white and terrified of spicy food. In-Dish does not just offer traditional Indian dishes, but a mix of classic and innovative ones. Do you like foods prepared in the tandoor? Well, In-Dish has the Tandoori Burger. In-Dish has also burger-fied butter chicken in their OMG Butter Chicken burger. Do you think you’ve tried all the different types of samosas? Well, In-Dish offers a samosa filling I’m sure you’ve never tried, chocolate.

I recommend the Kartoffel-Käse-Tikki for all those who denounce the almighty potato due to its “boring taste.” However, if you are feeling less adventurous, In-Dish offers traditional Indian cuisine. From the classic Daal Makhni to the Naans with that nice tandoor smoky taste, your cravings will definitely be satisfied. What about the inflated take-out prices? If you live in the 1-9th Bezirk, I’ve got great news for you — you get free delivery. The rest of us have to pay 3 euros. But trust me, it’s a price worth paying once you get your hands on the package, tear the styrofoam box apart, and bite into the aromatic foods that await. 

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