Founder of IB Tutor Austria

The Tutor Austria service, staffed by recent graduates of the IB Programme – including alumni of AIS – is a tutoring service that aims to assist international Austrian students. In an exclusive interview with Robin Morgan, co-founder, he delves further into the service, and how it specifically caters to the unique needs of an IB student.

“Learning never stops”, the mantra of tutoring service Tutor Austria, is a common sentiment among upperclassmen. The International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) is notorious for its rigor, and surmounting course load. 

Q: How does your tutoring service work? 

A: We have a website ( where anyone that is interested in tutoring lessons can sign up and book lessons of their choice! We have tutors from all around the world attending elite universities like Oxford, London School of Economics, and Bocconi, that would love to tutor you. To those who prefer in-person tutoring sessions, we are glad to inform you that we have an amazing team of tutors that graduated with flying marks based in Vienna too. We lay immense importance towards the fact that our tutors are recent graduates of the IB. Hereby, the current hardships of the IB are understood more profoundly and the tutoring process offers a productive ambiance that is enhanced by our “study with a friend” approach. 

Q: What prompted you to start the service?

A: It was unexpected really, as it all started during our mandatory civil service. We knew an extremely boring time was ahead of, so I was very excited when a friend Emil (AISV ‘19) called me and asked if I wanted to join him in tutoring for the IB. We had put a lot of effort into our exams only a couple months before and thought why not make use of that knowledge to help other students out. 

Q: What types of students would you like to work with? 

A: We want to work with students who want to learn and achieve their goals. In the past, some of our students were not as motivated to perform as well as they could have been. We have come to realise that we can only push them so far if they slam the breaks. However, the majority of our students have been willing to learn to improve their knowledge and grades, making the experience not only a pleasant one for both of us, but a successful one, too.

Q: Do you have any advice for IB students in these uncertain times? 

A: It is hard to give advice to people when you haven’t been in the same situation, they are in. Hence, I want to choose my words wisely. I believe that hard work, determination and passion can be seen in good times as well as in bad times. Some things are really out of our control, but we can always control our effort. It will make your future-self happier and more proud knowing you gave your all, so don’t despair because you are in a tough spot, but try as hard as you can!

Q: How could we get in touch?

A: We have recently created a platform for booking lessons, chatting to tutors, buying study notes and much more. You can find us at or on Instagram both under @ibtutorvienna and @tutor.austria.

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