Sunny Spring Days

Vienna is home to many beautiful parks and areas to hike, or even to just relax. So, after spending months indoors this year, it is finally time to be free to explore.

Kurpark Oberlaa

Although less central, this park is worth the visit. Kurpark Oberlaa is filled with lakes, floral displays, many playgrounds, a petting zoo, meadows, as well as thematic sections, such as the Flower Labyrinth.

Parks with a special offer - VIENNA – Now. Forever
Kurpark Oberlaa |

Am Himmel

Am Himmel is a green meadow located in the Vienna Woods. As it is on a plateau, it offers stunning views of the surrounding land. At the center of Am Himmel is the Tree of Life Circle featuring more than 20 species of trees. There you can find your personal life tree, depending on your birthday. Also found here is the Am Himmel vineyards, the educational forest playground, the Sisi Chapel, and Cafe Restaurant Oktogon.

Am Himmel:
Am Himmel:


Located next to the Vienna Woods, Schwarzenbergpark is the perfect place for walking or hiking, picnicking, jogging, and flying kites. Both the City hiking trail 3 and the Rundumadum hiking trail are located on the outskirts of the park, and allow for a walk through the beautiful woods.

Schwarzenbergpark in fall
Ein Park für alle Fälle - Schwarzenbergpark

Lainzer Tiergarten

The Lainz Game Reserve, historically known as the former hunting grounds of the imperial house, covers an area of 6054 acres. Here you can roam the stunning landscape and enjoy the great diversity of plants and animals. While hiking through the woods on the nature trail, you can learn all about the history of the reserve and its inhabitants.

Natürlich sind im Lainzer Tiergarten auch jede Menge Tiere zu sehen.
Lainzer Tiergarten - Wikipedia

Setagaya Park

Designed in 1992 by Japanese landscape gardener Ken Nakajima, this park mirrors characteristics of traditional Japanese gardens. It consists of streams and ponds, a Japanese tea house, a fountain, sculptures, a stone lantern, and a poem set in stone near the entrance. This garden is also a home to plants and trees typical to Japan, such as the cherry blossoms. 

Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Vienna - Setagaya Park
Setagaya Park - Japanischer Garten Wien | Travelcontinent

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