Food Review: Ballroom

The Question Is: Do You Have the Balls?

By Evgeny

Of the over 8,000 restaurants and cafés in Vienna, you might be familiar with many at Schottentor: the go-to meeting location in Vienna. Schottentor has a harrowing collection of places to eat but many are hidden in the little Gäßchens around Schottentor. Some are good, some are bad, and some are plain weird. Thankfully, we are here to give you the best advice. So, without further ado, here is our first “You know, there’s more to Viennese restaurants than just Fabios: A Series” Schottentor edition.

Ballroom 1090

Maria-Theresien-Straße 5

Cuisine: Dumplings

Quirky Feature: A very seemingly random array of fillings that somehow work together.

Slogan: “We’ve got balls”

Hidden away from the busy Währingerstraße, Ballroom offers Asian-fusion dumplings. The dumplings are not boiled like Russian pelmeni or Italian tortellini, but are instead steamed similarly to Chinese dumplings. However, these are no regular Chinese pork dumplings.

Ballroom offers a wide variety of unique combinations of both fillings and toppings from chili sin carne to fried potato with beets. There’s not a lot of space to eat inside, so instead get the dumplings for take-away and go to the nearby Sigmund Freud park. There, benches are plentiful and you get to enjoy the view of the Votivkirche, passing trams, and gorgeous baroque buildings (perhaps you’ll be able to even observe a business meeting on a balcony).

Price: Reasonable to slightly overpriced, 10 euros for drink, 6 dumplings, edamame

Vegetarians: Most dumplings are actually vegetarian and there is a vegan option

English: Fluent English

Brunch or Lunch: It’s just not breakfasty enough to be good for brunch so I say come here for a snack or lunch

Cute Insta Story: Absolutely! Their slogan along with other playful phrases and design aesthetics (oh, and that presentation of balls) will make everyone in your 300 insta follower radius jealous.

Pro Tip: Get the edamame with dumplings in a menu

Friendliness: Friendly and young, the cashier will take your order with a smile whilst the cook in the background will remind you that the status quo of Vienna is grantig

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