AIS vs. Lycee Game

Thursday, 15th of October, was the first Boys Varsity Soccer game of the season.

It was a momentous occasion for our hard working athletes, who managed to secure the win for our school. After a tumultuous first half, which had us doubting our team for a hot second, we took back the lead in the second half, the game ending with a score of 2-1 thanks to our amazing players Sahand Noorian and Tomas Donaldson.

Noorian stated that his “was probably one of the most amazing goals scored in football history, definitely in AIS history” and that he’s “proud of the team, proud of himself”. As we can see, our players are avidly trying to stay humble. Moritz Ogon explained that “the first half was a bit shaky, but in the second half we played great and took them over”. Mitko Stefanov assured us that even though “it was very challenging”, it was a great first game and that the team will work hard until they get to the best version of their game possible and that they will continue representing AIS’ spirit proudly in the following games. Our coach, Conor Maguire, stated that “we did very well, played very well in the first game of the season, a bit scruffy but we did very well in the end and fought hard to get the result”. 

Even though the players were all very civil and abided by the rules of conduct in giving their all on the field, there was some conflict regarding the Lycee students that came to watch the game: they resorted to insulting our players, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages next to the field and even running across it while the teams were in the middle of their second half. The AIS supporters had some things to say about the opposing side of the bleachers: “As we can see, Lycee is bringing a bunch of rioters and people who disrupt the property of AIS” said Nicolas Mortensen, while Birte Muller added “the fact that they went on our pitch on our home turf” is “disrespectful”. However, talking to some of the Lycee supporters after the game, they apologized publicly and admitted that they went “a little overboard” in supporting their team, but appreciated the fact that the athletes on both teams were very respectful of their opponents.

All in all, it was a very good game with an “electric atmosphere”, as described by player Ramir Pchenushay, and I think I speak for us all when I say that we’re excitedly waiting for the rematch on Wednesday, November 4th. Go Knights!

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