Food Review, El Penacho

Finally authentic Mexican in Vienna

El Penacho

Währinger Str. 154, 1180

Cuisine: Mexican (Tacos more specifically)

Quirky Feature: A ton of Mexican softdrinks

El Penacho’s claim is that “no place in Vienna takes tacos seriously” but they “take tacos seriously”. If you moved to Vienna from the States, Mexico, or Central America, you might have already realized that Viennese Mexican food is… lacking to say the least. El Penacho is so far the only Mexican place that even the most dedicated Taco aficionados have not been able to criticize and it’s because it’s that good. The tortillas are freshly homemade, the vegetables change every day depending on what’s fresh, and most importantly, El Penacho is dedicated almost purely to tacos. You will not find other Mexican dishes such as burritos or enchiladas which means the cook can dedicate him/herself to the art of taco.

Price: Reasonable, 3.20 euros for a 10 cm tortilla.

Taste: As mentioned above, truly authentic and delicious tacos.

Vegetarians: The tacos can be with pork, beef, chicken, or vegetables. Which vegetables? It changes every day depending on what’s fresh!

English: Fluent English

Brunch or Lunch: Definitely not a breakfast or brunch place;, it’s perfect for lunch, dinner, or a small bite in between.

Cute Insta Story: Unfortunately, this is not the place for a cute insta story. The food is delicious but the interior design is lacking.

Pro Tip: Try the nachos, they’re delicious.

Friendliness: The waiter is young, full of life, and incredibly friendly. Trust me, you’ll have a great time.

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